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This Privacy Policy is meant to safely insure and help our users understand how Ocean Master manages personal information upon using the Ocean Master Website (“The Website”). Before using the website, please make sure too read through the Privacy Policy. By using our services, you agree that Ocean Master can use such data in accordance with our privacy policy.

1.Managing Private Information

Ocean Master will appoint a Personal Information Manager, and make a security management system / guideline to effectively handle personal information of the like.

2.Usage of Personal Information

In collection of personal information, unless otherwise stated by law, Ocean Master will properly use personal information to achieve goals stated in #3.

3.Objectives of collection and Third Party Disclosure

For customers whom have provided personal information, we will utilize, to provide information, guidance or service about our products

For customers whom have provided personal information, we will utilize, to provide information, guidance or service about our products

We will not sell or lend personal information to third parties except in cases of where the following apply.

  • When ordered by law or regulation
  • When needed for protection of human life and preserving safety
  • When needed to improve public health or to promote child growth and development
  • When necessary for a national institution or local public entity (or a person entrusted with either) to cooperate in performing affairs specified by law and regulation. Also at times when the needed consent of the person concerned may interfere with the performance of the above affair

4.Log Files

Ocean Master will use IP addresses or logs of customers who have visited the website to analyze access patterns etc. IP addresses or logs will not be disclosed.

Ocean Master will utilize Cookies in purpose to better operate services and conduct PR. If a customer’s browser is set to allow sending and receiving Cookies, Ocean Master will, if deemed necessary, link customer activity and personal information.

5.Outsourcing to a Third Party

When outsourcing work involving private information to a third party, Ocean Master will appoint an appropriate outsourcer. Ocean Master will also wrap a non-disclosure agreement to protect private information and properly monitor the subject third party

6.Changes in Privacy Policy

Concerning the above privacy policy rules, Ocean Master will periodically review and revise to fit market standards if deemed necessary. If subject to any changes, Ocean Master will post relevant notice on the website, providing clarity on Ocean Master’s Privacy Policy at all times.and operation manuals with regard to security management, etc. of personal information formulated by Magazine House, it will ensure that its employees, etc. are well informed thereof so that they will continue to be effective, and will strive to maintain a security management system by reviewing or taking other measures as needed.